– Beautiful Monster –

My mind is a monster, don’t you see?

Always pointing out specifically, the negativity

I’m trying, for myself, to be my own guide.

…To stumble upon greatness, after I’ve completed this steep climb.

But I’ve tripped; I’m on my way back down

I can’t stop myself now

Physically tired—mentally worn

My body is sore; I’m ready to go home

But I’ve come this far…

Why go back now?

BECAUSE it’s comfortable, cozy, familiar, you know?

You’ve got to be kidding…

That’s all it takes for you to head home?

All that time you spent climbing; you’ll never salvage

You’ll be home wondering, depressed

Never knowing how it’d feel to conquer and prevail

Stuck in the mindset that you’re failing, even before you’ve set sail

So you hold yourself hostage; to your mind and its games

Convincing yourself you’re not worth it…you’ve lost to the travail

What’s the worst that could happen if you went out and just tried?

          I won’t make it…

                What if I die?!

Don’t you see? You IDIOT!

You’re dying inside!

What’s the point of your existence when all you do is coincide?

..With the rest of the world, and the typical people

You were different, but you killed that

You’re the perfect example…

…When a person tries so hard to fit in

But they were born to stick out—far out

Farther than they could imagine

Past the pillars of ordinary

Into a realm of differences that can speak

Speak to your soul

Reach out to that Devil inside of your brain telling you NO

Convincing you that you’re weak

And so with this, I beg you

Grow out those claws that you hide

Begin your adventure digging one paw at a time

Climb way out of that hell you’ve created

I promise you’ll love what I have here waiting

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