– Outside Looking In –

When one becomes physically and mentally intrigued by a person, dating them becomes an adventure in itself. Imagine moving into an ancient castle, alone. Those that fear don’t go and face potential regret in the future. On the other hand, there are brave souls that will proceed to move into this grand castle and discover what lies beyond the exterior.

When you first move in, awkward, you are simply amused by the array of furniture and décor, as it exquisitely matches the exterior. After becoming accustomed to the display, you begin to notice little details of the house that add to its character, allowing you to appreciate the visual masterpiece of this artifact, that lucky you, gets to experience.

As humans, our souls get curious. History teaches us that many castles have deeply hidden dungeons, escape routes, and secret rooms.  With this vague information; you search. You may be successful and find what you can—but fear it. A fear which makes you think; do I really want to deal with this? What if this becomes a problem?  With this selfish thought, you leave. This isn’t what you want after all.

There are people that do not care enough to search for wonders. They are surrounded by visual luxury; enough to satisfy their materialistic mind. These people are not happy. They will search for grand possessions but may never feel content. Moving places allows this to be simpler for them.

Finally, there are people that open one hidden door and search wholeheartedly for more: more insight, more definition, and more knowledge.  They want to know this castle inside and out, no matter how many scars and scabs they endure on the way. This is their home. They accept it, with all its flaws and work to build it to surpass far more years ahead—stronger.  They found a place to love, not just reside.

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