– Bridges –

You’ve built them, you’ve burnt them

Not realizing who supported you

..Who held you up when you could’ve fallen through

Fell deep down to that dungeon you fear

So far down

 A scream that eventually no one would hear

This same bridge that’s now falling apart

From all the strain that you’ve caused

Still holding on tight

Just to hold you upright

But you’re over it, you’ve crossed onto

Another bridge now carrying you

So you burn this one down

No importance to the steps you’ve taken up until now

Now, that new bridge you’ve “built”

Seems so strong, so new

How long until you burn it too?

Or is it even that strong to begin with?

What if it breaks right beneath you?

What if it leads you the wrong way?

By then, it would be too late


There are no paths leading to the past

No trails left behind you

You’ll have trouble finding something that will last

No more bridges to turn back to

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