– See Through Me –

When you’re passing these faces…

Do you take a second to stare?

Do you look on the surface?

Or deep within them through that swift glare


Do you try to avoid contact?

So maybe they wouldn’t see

What you’re trying to hide internally


Have you thought for a second

Why you might shield your own

Whether avoiding eye connections

Or setting eyes of stone


For you see, looking someone in the eyes

Is not nearly enough to make you realize

Feelings they may have inside

Their breathing heavy, a knot in their stomach is tied


Clenched jaws happen in times of stress

Stressed that there’s attention being put on ourselves

A second of a person reading you through your eyes

Is enough to make you feel like you’re about to die


As if they know you’re secrets

Yet never did you confide

In this stranger, this random person you see

Don’t take eye contact so personally



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