Sephora PRO Palette – Review


This post is definitely delayed because these PRO palettes have been out for some time now. All of those in the makeup world have witnessed the reveal of Sephora’s newest PRO palettes: warm, editorial, and cool.  Well, hunnty–if you haven’t bought them yet, here’s what you need to know! For $85 CAD you get 28 amazing shades. Out of the three palettes, I own both Editorial and Warm. Out of the two, I must admit that the warm palette is definitely a go-to because the colors are generally easier to pull off on a daily basis and they suite most (if not all) skin tones. The product does have a little fall out, but it’s hardly anything to complain about–the color payoff and blend-ability make this product a must-have!

So, the next time any of you are near Sephora, definitely swatch this palette and see for yourself how amazing the pigments are and just how great they look on your hand alone–so imagine your eyes!

Here are some photos of the palette when it was brand new…my baby :’).


Just look at those shades!!


If any of you would like to see photos of any looks I’ve done with any of the Sephora PRO palettes, leave me a comment below & I will gladly update this with some different looks.

Thank you for reading & I’m hoping to be posting more often!

Ta Ta for Now 😉





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