– Tick Tock –

Two steps forward

One step back

Can’t you see I still love you?

But there’s so much you lack

The willingness to listen and try to repair

The love we once thought was so strong

My feelings, my wants, my needs

Were they meaningless to you all along?

I wait everyday for a gesture from you

I make up scenarios I know are untrue

I sit and I ponder about what you may feel

I wish that one day you’ll wake up and reveal

That this was all just a plan

For a bigger surprise

One so magnificent

I’d have to rub my eyes

In awe, in amazement, in utter shock

But instead here I sit, looking at my clock

The time that is ticking

While I sit here and wait

The sound of the seconds

On the edge of driving me insane

My skin is itching, so much so it stings

What I’d kill for just to hear my phone ring

I know you don’t get it

You won’t ever comprehend

The actions I want from you

To make this broken heart mend.




Forget it. 

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