-Reality Check-

Have you ever built something up in your mind to be so much greater than it is in reality? As if something as simple as a coin was worth millions. Or convincing yourself that your psychic (I wish). We try to make our lives more interesting and complex than they are. Why? Why do we do this? Why do we give ourselves these false realities only to be disappointed when that same reality kicks in. When it dawns on us that we’re fools for believing something so simple could ever be so divine and special. Maybe it’s because we feel that we deserve better. That we deserve these treasures in our lives. Maybe…

We put these expectations on people that propel them to a position in which we look up to them. We put them on a pedestal and adore them. But why? Why are we making them better than they are? Maybe they are mediocre. Maybe they’re not capable of these expectations that we presume them to do. Maybe their minds don’t function like ours. Maybe they don’t function. Maybe…

It’s not bad to be simple; this is preference. I am not simple. I am far from simple. Are you? Does your mind crave intimacy that only actions can reach? Does your heart need reminders that it has a reason to beat? Do you like little gestures that give you butterflies? Or a moment when your able to sigh? Not sigh from disappointment, but from being content. Simple won’t let you experience this. Settling for ordinary is not in my plans. I will look at this coin and think twice about it’s worth. Maybe it’s time I let my brain do the work. Maybe…

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