-sorry not sorry-

Sorry means it won’t happen again. It’s not definite but an effort is still mandatory if you’re actually sorry. Apologizing and then continuing to commit the same action that you’re apologizing for….well, that just doesn’t make sense now does it?

I’m a firm believer that people make mistakes. Once or twice, sure–it’s a mistake. If it’s ongoing? Sweetheart, you just turned your mistake into a choice. Whether or not you thought this choice out is another discussion all together (obviously you didn’t think it out if you’re still apologizing).

Remember, no one is forced to accept an apology; just like no one is forced to give an apology. If you don’t care enough to try and fix the problem, don’t waste your breath saying “sorry”. I do not care for people that lack authenticity much less than I care for liars.

Please, think your thoughts and actions through. If what you are saying/doing would hurt you, don’t do it to someone else. Learn from your mistakes and grow the f*** up.

I am not saying I’m perfect, but I can damn well stand by my efforts to fix a situation when I apologize for my mistakes. 






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