• Orchids •

Some women are like orchids. With the proper care they can bloom to perfection; some slow and steady, and some so quick that you hardly saw their progress. It’s important for the observer to understand that their beauty is only to be seen or felt within; admired from a distance. When one becomes too inquisitive about this extraordinary flower, they grow a hunger to experience all of its ambiances. They want to devour all of which comes together to make the orchid so beautiful. Yet, when the bloom of an orchid is touched, it wilts. The observer doesn’t always understand this. The orchid’s petals are far too gentle to withstand the natural oils from our greedy hands.

With this in mind, women often are wilted with the touch of an unworthy man. These men were in a better position to be admiring their beauty from afar. They don’t understand the intricate orchid. They don’t comprehend why this flower is so different from the others; why they are not able to treat them the way they’ve treated previous flowers. Why are other flowers not as sensitive? What makes orchids so special? They’re just different.

Just like flowers, not all women are the same. Study them. What is it that makes them so beautiful to you? What makes you want them? Can you maintain them? Help them grow?

If not, do not interfere with their progress.



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