-Soul Food-

I believe that our souls are constantly searching for more from life and that your soul stays with you for as long as you’re alive. I think scars are a reminder of everything you’ve overcome, or moments in your life where you are reminded that you’re human. You get hurt physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s okay to accept that you can be vulnerable and you will feel lows that are unbearable, but you’ll also feel highs that are breathtaking and make you feel like you could fly if you had the opportunity. It’s about learning to love yourself the way you were created, without knowing why you were created.

I think that everyone has a journey that they are meant to travel (both physically and spiritually). Although we begin our journeys against our will; we eventually begin to pave our way and take the time to decide if we want to switch our path, take risks, move faster, move slower, or not move because sometimes it’s important to stop and take into consideration what’s happening around you. If we can’t live in the moment are we even living? Or are we just fast forwarding this chore that we consider life?

It’s important, to me anyways, to keep on your path no matter what hardships come your way. If you fall, get back up. If there’s a pot hole, take the time to fix it and carry on. Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the time you have with yourself; making yourself happy is priority. Please yourself before you ever try to please anyone else. Your journey is not theirs.

Appreciate the beauty in your journey*

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