Change is beautiful. Yes, it can be disappointing when a chapter must end for a new chapter to open for you, but if you let yourself keep reading and indulge in the story–the outcome is extraordinary!

There are moments in our lives that feel perfect and we don’t want to leave behind a positive experience. On the other hand, despite the current happiness you’re feeling, you have an abundance of memories left to create and enjoy, emotions to feel and share and adventures to take! Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in one positive moment because you fear that the next chapter won’t be as positive. If it wasn’t for the negative experiences we endure, we wouldn’t appreciate the positive experiences as we do; appreciate both the highs and lows in life–there are lessons to learnĀ always.

The seasons are a gentle reminder that change is inevitable and the process of change can be a beautiful experience to see/feel. We naturally adapt to our surroundings to tolerate the differences occurring. If we allow ourselves to take it one step further and step outside of our comfort zones, we expand our opportunity for encountering truly magical moments. It’s the chance to turn our discomfort into an enjoyable moment in our life.

The next time you are in a situation where you are faced with a decision that may change your future–take the chance. If you don’t you may regret it and if you do, it’s never too late to change direction. Take the step towards extraordinary and I promise the grass only keeps getting greener on the other side even if you don’t believe so at first.

Make the most of your life.

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