-Simple Bliss-

Love first, always. Even in your angriest moments, allow love to come from you initially and you will notice the anger diminish. We go through emotions naturally and sometimes feelings creep up on you when you least expect it and your energy takes the hit. When you’re feeling angry or sad, despite the obvious heavy feeling affecting your energy , you are still in control of how you carry yourself and what you exude to the world.

Find yourself in those moments and instead of living in the negativity consider how and why you are in that state. What would make you happier? Sometimes simple gestures such as a compliment from a stranger can lift your spirits. Instead of waiting for a stranger or friend to lift you from this negativity, why not take initiative and attempt to make someone else’s day better with a gesture that would make you smile; chances are it would make them smile too.

Notice people on the streets–greet them with your eyes or a smile. You’d be surprised of the amount of people that are convinced they’re invisible or unworthy. Besides, it doesn’t take much energy or effort to smile at one another. Hold the door for someone, compliment a friend or stranger, pay for a coworkers coffee; making someone’s day a little better helps make your day a little better. Love doesn’t have to be intense. Sometimes it really is just the little things that make life blissful and if we have the power to make our days a little better, shouldn’t we try?

Choose love first, always.

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