– Care to swim?

I dived in, head-first, right into the deep end. I can’t even swim…

You walked in and tested the waters. You stayed in the shallow end and observed. Watched as I attempted to stay afloat. Eventually joining me in the deep end. You gave me lessons and we played around; it was fun, at least I thought so. It is not long before you change your mind about swimming and get out altogether. But you leave me there, in the deep end.

I went in with the understanding that I didn’t know how to swim. I informed you of this too. You’re experienced, though it’s been a while, but you still know the moves. Offered to hold my hand through the experience. I didn’t hesitate, but you did; much to my surprise. It’s a pool, I thought, no tides to suddenly rise. What are you so afraid of?

I still tried to handle my own so you wouldn’t think I needed you. I didn’t. But I wanted you. I know now that you never wanted me.

Naive, Gullible, Stupidity.

Sometimes we end up in situations where we blame ourselves for believing everything we hear. We lose sight of reality when we envision the growth of a beautiful story unfolding. That’s just it, we’reΒ envisioning it. We are getting ahead of ourselves, but more importantly, ahead of reality. We’re allowing our emotions to navigate our decisions (this doesn’t usually end well). This is why rationality exists. Time to take notes on the subject, right?

How can you hold someone accountable for disappointing you when you should have never been so naive in the first place? Why would you be so gullible to believe everything they promise? What level of stupidity are you at to think that such a perfect person could exist?

We all find our faults in moments when we receive taste of a rarity. Take a moment before you jump in to reassure that you are entering with clarity.

Rationality over emotions. Noted.




…stop wearing your heart on your sleeve

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