Long Lust Lovers

There was a moment when the world felt as though it stopped while they gazed into each others’ eyes. One could feel the yearning they had for one another. He grabbed her face and gently pressed his lips against hers. She didn’t resist; she let herself indulge. Her hands clutched his shirt collar and she began pulling him closer. It was not long before the gentle kisses became stronger and the pressure of their lips against one another felt more intentional, with purpose. His lips made their way down her neck, every inch marked with the softest bites. The scruff of his face sent shivers down her spine and he felt her heart beating uncontrollably; almost adding a beat to this symphony. He took his time with her body to ensure that he hadn’t neglected a single space. He wanted to make her aware that he admired all of her. They moved in rhythm to a song only they could hear. A melody beyond unique, so unheard of, one that only their hearts could reveal. How could this not have been real?

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