– Break –

We condition people to see a side of us that we want them to see. It doesn’t mean that it’s not part of who we are, but it’s not all that we are. There are thoughts that we don’t talk about. There are feelings that we do not wish to share because no one wants to talk about misery. Misery loves company though. We do not wish to burden loved ones in our lives because they have their own problems. So, we entertain misery alone.

When you’re known to have positive energy that feels infectious, you don’t want to disappoint when that same energy has plummeted. It happens sometimes. It’s not an easy task to lift yourself back up from negativity. Resembling gravity but much worse…heavier.

Self-isolating because if the energy is contagious when it’s positive, can you imagine what would happen when there was negativity enclosing? No one is happy 100% of the time. At least, I don’t believe that. Allow me to recharge my battery and lift myself back up to positivism, whatever that really means.

I sincerely hope you understand.

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