» Dear Stranger II

Lift your head to see what mess you’ve made of me. Intoxicated. I pull you closer and taste your lips; the taste of me still lingers. Our tongues dueling one another and our lips fighting to meet between. Passion. We roll around, twisted together, until you land with your back against the sheets. My turn.

I slide my hand towards the treasure I’ve been desiring. I grip onto the rock between your legs and stroke it to inform my arrival. Control. My lips follow the same path while softly pressing kisses; marking my trail until I reach my destination and my eyes are dazzled. Irresistible.

My lips cave over the rock and my tongue begins exploring the space simultaneously. Discovering. I let my tongue follow the outline before devouring once more. You entangle your hand through my hair and push me down towards you. I hear your breaths increasing, enticing me to increase my speed and go deeper, and deeper, and deeper each time. Tantalizing.

I can feel you wanting to indulge but you aren’t done exploring. With your hands still weaved in my hair, you push me down once more before pulling me on top of you. Letting yourself slide into me. Smooth. Your hand gripping my neck and slowly clutching while your index finger lays gently on my lower lip. Enticing.

…Let your imagination ride the wave. Not to be continued.

One thought on “» Dear Stranger II

  1. One can almost see these sights and almost feel these feels. And almost is perfectly enough. Lips on lips and tongues on tongues, those same lips and tongues and hands on treasures. A throbbing, a pulsing, an enveloping…

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