– Driven Desires –

Life will align as it was intended

You still have control over the wheel, just not the road

Allow the windy path to lead you

To wherever you are destined to go

Admire your surroundings

Pay attention to your journey

Pass those slowing you down, regardless of their intent

These lessons are for you to be learning

Sometimes you may feel restless

Other times a feeling of defeat

But as long as you’re pressing the gas

Your destiny you’re soon to meet

Your road is not the same as everyone else’s road. Some paths may look the same, or so they seem, however, you will encounter differences such as: different turns, potholes, speed limits, highways, or lack thereof, and so on. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have similar experiences because you probably will, but your lessons may not be the same. Your outcome may not even be the same.

We see people in life all the time that have the opportunities “handed ” to them. Maybe they just had access to a highway that got them to their destination faster. This doesn’t mean that you’re any less than them, it just means that you’re coming from a different route that doesn’t equip the same detours.

At times we get angry or disappointed when events stop us from continuing our direction. Sometimes we try and avoid these negative moments by passing the problem, as if it were never existing, except it is existing and more importantly it’s on your road. Instead of avoiding the problem, we should be taking the time to stop, see, and fix the issue (at least to the best of our abilities).

This is the era of quick results for fast living, but why are we living so fast? Speed limits are a reminder to slow down and enjoy your ride, alive. People don’t always appreciate their surroundings yet enjoy reminiscing about “the better days”. Reduce the speed and take the opportunity to create these moments that will only make the drive that much happier.

As different as our roads may be from one another, it doesn’t mean that they don’t cross paths. They do. Sometimes often. We not only cross paths with other individuals, but at times we carpool, meet at the same destinations, and follow one another. This is still part of each person’s individual journey. People are a part of our journey. It’s important to value these people, regardless of their intentions, because they influence your self-growth. However, do not allow them to slow you down if it’s not in your plans. Learn to pass that of which is not beneficial to your development internally.

There are moments in life where it’s as though our foot is flooring the gas but we’re not moving. You hear the engine roaring, but you aren’t going…anywhere. Life isn’t always about getting places quickly. What takes one person a month could take another individual a year to accomplish. It doesn’t mean either person is superior to the other. Ease up on the gas. Instead, find out why your vehicle doesn’t want to move. Address the issues and learn to repair it so that you may continue your journey, successfully.


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