– Weighted –

Hello to those of you that actively read my posts, and thank you. Warm welcome to those of you stopping by!

I have been writing poetry for many years, but what most people don’t know is that I write songs that become these little excerpts. Music holds a special place in my heart and I do not have the capacity of words within myself to explain how much I love music and expression. I hope to learn to create instrumentals to accompany the words; in due time I will. I may not have the greatest voice, but I want the opportunity to show you how these poems sound before they’re published as pieces of writing on this site.

If we were in space we’d be floating fine

But here we have gravity

And were falling time after time

If we were in the clouds we’d be high off our minds

But here we have reality

And were trying to find our own kind

Where we can learn to let go

Let our inhabitions strip at the door

And bare our own bones

Be true to ourselves, be our own

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