Coming Soon *

I know I haven’t been updating my site too often and for that, I apologize. For those of you reading that don’t know me, I work, a lot. Currently, I work three jobs and attend school full time. Yes, it sounds like a handful and it is…but I like it. No. I love it! I love being busy, maybe not always that busy but I know my hard work will pay off in the future. Why am I telling you this? Because. Because I want you to be patient with me. There will be content out soon, whether it’s more poetry, makeup looks, stories, products…oh, there’s just SO much! I’m excited to show you all what I’ve been up to and I hope you enjoy watching/reading and hopefully, it can inspire you too in some way.


Here is a look that I did yesterday using LIT Cosmetics “Angel Eyes”. By the way, this look was only recorded after already wearing it over a 12-hour work/school day. So, YES, it is amazing. YES, you should try it yourself because I’m already obsessed. 

What’s coming soon? I’m looking to have a makeup lookbook of a zodiac inspired theme, with poetry for each sign. Whatever sign you are, I hope you read the poem specific to yours and hope you can relate. Hey, maybe even check out the other ones and see if you like them. If all goes as planned and the looks turn out as awesome as I envision, I will have tutorials out for the looks as well.

Thank you for checking what’s new with me–let me know what’s new with you by contacting me! I eventually want to start up an anonymous help page, where your story will be public if you so choose (signed confidentially of course) and I will offer my advice for your situation. For example, having a friend that you know something about that could potentially hurt their feelings, but you don’t know what to do. “Signed, Confused Pupil”. And I get back to you with what I would do in that situation, so you have an opinion other than your own. I’m hoping I can also start this soon so that I may help as many people as I possibly can. 

Until the next post, thank you again for swinging by!



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