Hey Batter Batter

Let’s play baseball

…you’re up to bat

Three strikes don’t exist this time

you have infinite swings

Does that excite you?

The possibility to hit endless homeruns

You start off strong

But these fastballs are unexpected

A curveball here and there

It’s got your mind perplexed

Your arms are sore from swinging life away

Your eyes are weak from holding your gaze

Fixated on this ball that you can’t control

It clearly isn’t working; whatever you’re doing

You aren’t seeing rewards

Maybe focus on your stance or your swing; start taking notes

Change and keep track, to see what brings you to your goals

Until eventually you hit that ball so hard

A homerun

But you’re frozen because you can’t believe

That after all of that hard work, you’ve made it to your dream

Now what?

Until you hear that little voice yell “Run

So you make it ’round full circle

Accomplishment worn in a grin, ear-to-ear

Happiness running through your veins

Hard work paid off afterall

So you walk back up to home plate

Bat in your hand

You have another goal to reach

Ready to start swinging again


Life throws obstacles at you, unexpected and fast. You can choose to let them pass you, hit you, or swing at them until you turn your troubles into trophies.

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