– The Ugly Truth –

We’re all entitled to our opinion

Yes, of course!

So why the constant beating; all these bruises you’ve bestowed

An opinion is shared with the knowledge of reaction…

Agree to disagree is no longer an action?

Must we always pull out swords when an opinion differs from ours?

Should we aim to kill a soul with our utmost power?

Such a taste it leaves in your mouth–never savored something so sour

Darling, understand when not to speak up.

Speak up? Or speak honestly?

Does such exist anymore?

When fear of ridicule overpowers the voice in your mind

You don’t make self-made decisions– as if you were blind

By society, by this idea of fitting in

I’m okay with walking solo if it means I’m honest within

Being told to stand up, otherwise, you’re a coward

Being raised to the top then pushed from the tower

Being told to stick out and then burned to the ground

Are we better off not making a sound?

Listen here, it’s a tough world, not everything will be as you wish!

As I wish? You mean peaceful?

You mean kind? Accepting maybe?

For all these lies we’ve been told about freedom of speech

The voice to say anything

“..But not this, don’t do that – it’ll start a commotion”

I could care less!

…because regardless groups of people will continue to hate


With no one exactly, with no common purpose

Just to thrash at your happiness

 Could it be the possibility that you’re doing this “life” thing right?

Don’t give up sweetheart, that’s right you should fight!

Fight for what exactly?

Why fight? Why not harmonize?

Why so much evil? Why all the hatred?

For what on earth are we gaining for hurting another being?

Do envy and anger disable us from seeing?

Open your eyes open your heart

Stop spreading this evil, stop pulling people apart

Take this as a message that opinions unwanted

They are those ceasing to leave others feeling so haunted

For sharing their ideas, for vocalizing their thoughts

If you can’t accept my views, I refuse to wrought

2 thoughts on “– The Ugly Truth –

  1. This is great. You’re completely right – people tend to stifle their opinions and what they have to say to avoid conflict. and then people don’t stand up when they see something that’s wrong and the cycle just keeps going. very well done

    Liked by 1 person

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