– Moving Forward –

Here’s another day you’ve been granted, like a wish you never made

Here’s another day of challenges, put on your smile and the rest will fall in place


There’s that same homeless man you wave to every day

The graffiti on the buildings, so fresh you can still smell the paint

The words inked so profanely, your lips sting to repeat

The hatred the artist painted so passionately along the street


Where is the love that we no longer seem to spread?

Where is the helping hand as we quote that God said?


If we are all human

Mere reality of flesh and bones

Why is it so difficult to love our own?


Why do we disgrace by color, religion, sexualities of sorts

Who made them judge us from a Godly standpoint?


Do not dare belittle that of which you’re afraid to accept

We’ve fought too long and hard to backtrack to the same concept


This idea that we need to fight and to depreciate one another

This thought that we decide who is worth more and who shouldn’t bother


You are not great enough to put someone down

You do not have the right to cause anyone a long-termed frown


If you can’t accept it, then keep to yourself

Why fight and banter what is not involving itself

If you don’t understand, being willing to listen

If that isn’t an option, then it’s yourself you should distance

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